Itineraries near Aldino

For those who decide to spend their holidays in Aldino, in addition to the magnificent territory a few kilometers down the valley can be visited the characteristic villages of the “Bassa Atesina”, above all Egna with its beautiful old town.
Egna is one of the most representative villages in the south of South Tyrol. Strolling through its narrow streets, along its medieval arcades and discovering the beautiful views are activities that just few places can offer. The town, in addition to the elegance of historical buildings and the beautiful church, will give you the opportunity to taste the magnificent local products such as “Krapfen”, cheeses, “Speck” (bacon) and certainly apples and vines like the Lagrein and the Pinot Noir.
We’d like to remember you that depending on the period it is possible to make special wine or food itineraries organized by tourist associations. On these occasions you go directly to the cellars or participate in festivals which are organized throughout the year. One of the separate municipal districts of Egna is Laghetti and from there a beautiful hike starts on the “Albrecht Dürer path” which leads to Pochi. It’s a two and a half hour course with a maximum height difference of 380 meters. Also from Egna you can reach “Castelfeder”, a place from where you can relax and observe the whole valley.

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