Lake Caldaro is just a few kilometers from Aldino.

Just a few kilometers from Aldino is the lake Caldaro, one of the most popular holiday destinations and South Tyrol’s largest natural lake. It’s a romantic place and very relaxing. If you come during summer, you can take a nice dip in the lake.
Lake Caldaro is also very popular amongst those who want go hiking and stroll through vineyards and apple orchards. The many activities that take place annually in the area are available on different sites. These events follow the rhythm of the seasons and each season offers different attractions. After a swim or an excursion we can recommend a walk, where you can breathe the fresh and sparkling air of the lake. Another recommendation would be sitting in a local restaurant while watching the sunset with a glass of local produced wine. This could be the perfect conclusion for a day spent at the Lake Caldaro.

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