Geoparc “Bletterbach”, UNESCO world heritage

Also known as the “river of the leaves”, the “Bletterbach” geoparc is a natural canyon that separates the villages of Aldino and Redagno. At every step of the descent along the gorge you embark on a journey back in time. The place is a UNESCO World Heritage and offers us the opportunity to look inside the mountain, what happens and what has settled over the centuries inside the layers.
Geology enthusiasts as well as nature and the curious people will be able to witness the unfolding of history in front of their eyes. After the discovery of the first fossil in 1891 scientists have been able to analyze and discover many specificities that characterize the entire area of the “river of the leaves. Many fossils have been found, hundreds of types of fossilized plants have been analyzed and a bone of a sea saurian has been found. Going down the gorge it is inevitable to stop and observe plants, mollusks and fossilized footprints, while being enchanted by the magical colors of the stones. If you want, you can make a smaller tour in the company of your children. There is a forest path, where walk in the countryside with breathtaking views.

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